wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

Anathemized - Disdain (demo 1994)

Death Metal z Gdańska

Więcej informacji o demie i teksty :
Download :
http://www.4shared.com/zip/kJAQaFH_/Anathemized_-_Disdain__1994_.html - 70.48 MB

Link taken from :
"More Death Metal from Poland! Obscure band, only released a few demos, and if anybody has anything else from Anathemized, please share!

A fairly heavy, satisfying slab of dirty Death Metal, this is sure to please any fan of OSDM. Slow, murky, rumbling riffs are key here, and the production gives the demo a feel that it was recorded underwater in the fog. Very cool, adding to the dark and mysterious atmosphere. Guttural rasps are utilized and blend very smoothly with the music. Nothing about this release is grating in any way and is very easy on the ears. We occasionally hear the bass burst through the muck. Overall a damned fine demo that just sounds good. Recommended."

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