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Ahrimah - Ain Soph Aur (demo 1994)

Death Metal z Warszawy

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http://www.mediafire.com/?ij9763kgmv0gk8h - 44.82 MB

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"This demo is freakin' awesome. Been on heavy rotation for the past couple weeks and for good reason! At a long and involving 30 minutes, there is no skimping on material here, and what's even more amazing is that every song has its own identity? None of this blurs together into one long mess of a song, but each track has its own quirks and unique aura that completely destroys other demos at the time. Seriously, this is something special in that it contains everything you could ever want in "eclectic" Death Metal, and I might even go as far as to label this Progressive, or even Avant-Garde!

The first song is when it hits you, when this bizarre Middle-Eastern melody springs out of nowhere, and immediately I check Metal Archives to see what Middle-Eastern country they're from and then I see they hail from Poland! What!? The odd experimentation leaps and bounds its way all throughout Ain Soph Aur, with strange jazzy parts, soothing instrumental interludes, crazy riffs, slow doomy and upbeat thrashy parts, rad bass lines, spacey psychedelic sections, atmospheric palm-muted bits, holy shit the list goes on! If you were to listen to one song, go for "Pain of Recognition".

And the vocals! Not your typical death grunt/growl, these are more in beat with the instrumentation and sound like they almost groove to the music at parts, while spoken words pop up here and there on a couple tracks, creating one hell of a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

I can't possibly recommend this enough!"

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