wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

Carrion of Torrent - Inituum Calamitatis Regni (demo 1993)

Carrion of Torrent
Death/Doom Metal z Tarnobrzegu

Więcej informacji o demie :
http://www.mediafire.com/?l3ljj496suyf52h - 46.66 MB

Link taken from :
"If you know me through Last.fm or anything, you'll know that I was blasting these guys a lot during October, bur for whatever reason, didn't get around to posting until now. This demo is something special; a lot of the demos I post here are amazing, but there's nothing to draw me back again and again, yet Carrion of Torrent have that pull factor, the intangible grip that holds you tight, and won't let go. Even when you manage to escape, that infectious main riff of the title track comes peering from the darkness, sucking you right back in. Carrion of Torrent are quickly working their way up to my top artists solely because they keep coming back. Or, rather, I keep going back to them. By no means a well-known band, and they certainly didn't last long, but this massive effort will forever be etched in time, understood by few, but appreciated tenfold.
I should start by saying they have sound strikingly similar to Varathron. Sure, Carrion of Torrent is from Poland, but they have that hot, sweaty, Hellenic Greek feel. The riffing style is very simplistic, but infinitely effective, and combined with the harsh almost-gutturals, makes for a sound that clouds your thoughts, envelops you entirely, leaving the ol' mind completely blown. Even during the mini interludes, as seen toward the latter half of this lengthy demo, I'm still left in rapt attention, reflecting on the awe these Poles have left behind. Definitely a demo for the ages, and recommended like no other."

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