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Holocaust (Gdańsk) - The Towers of Isengard (rehearsal tape II 02.12.1994)

Black Metal z Gdańska

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Ok, more black metal contributions and a rare special double feature slash reupload, a few months ago (time passes damn quickly!) I was contacted again by an old contributor to the Coven who sent me his rips of these two Holocaust tapes, made from first generation tapes sent by Lord Thoth himself to our conspirator. As this rip of "Our Kingdom" is superior to mine I decided to upload it here at the same post so more people might notice it. And it was third demo, by the way. I'll update the old post which has more text about what I thought about it to refer to this entry too. Unfortunately he had no cover scan for me, but one cannot have everything. The main course here is the second rehearsal tape "The Towers of Isengard" which I had actually received a rip of not long before this one was sent to me! Both contributions are greatly appreciated but I'm going to go with this one, seeing how it is pretty much made from original. Sadly no cover scan for this either so we'll use Metal Archives pic.
This is a short tape, all but one track last less than two minutes and the longest one barely makes three. A spooky intro reminiscent of old B/W horror films opens the recording, followed by the obviously rehearsal-sounding yet clear (much cleaner than the '93 tapes) first track. Similar to the later demo the elements are again guitar (stronger and better here), drums and the extreme shrieking vocals. They're not quite as shrill as on the demo III and overall this works better for me. The compact playtime might be partially responsible for the effect. Recommeded listen to people into raw black metal, rehearsal recordings and basically mandatory for collectors of old Polish stuff. I'm hungry so this ends up a bit short, download away! It's probably good for hangover too.

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