środa, 15 stycznia 2014

Grossmember - Cunt Terrorist [demo 1995]



Szaleńcy z Grossmember w demosie z 1995 roku. W paczce pełny skan okładki.


 A1 Fear Of Napalm
A2 Anal Cunt
A3 Bomba Neutronica
A4 Extreme Mause Terror
A5 Electro Pils
A6 Nazi Sucks
A7 Systematic Carcass Murder
A8 Ilsa Come Back
A9 Buffon
A10 Sexual Terror
A11 Poser Mat
A12 Onion
A13 Egocentric Rasta Killer
A14 More Noise, More Shit
A15 Gegen Capitalist Pigs
A16 Fuck The Education
A17 Social Anarchy
A18 Attack Techno Animal
A19 A.C.II
A20 Big Shit
A21 Vitamins ABC..
A22 Liberation Free Youth
A23 Evil Electro Orgasm
A24 Morbid Grandmother
A25 Alcohol Is The Best
A26 Sucker's Porno Dream
A27 Fucking Sore Throat
A28 New Grossmember
A29 Brugerja
A30 Shit In Your Head
A31 Techno Penis
A32 Sex Is Great
A33 Youth Brainstorm
A34 The Lost Unsophisticated
A35 Fuck Commercial Posers
A36 Daddy's Sperm
A37 Does The Shit Breathe ?
A38 Criminal Mosh
A39 Anal Penetrator
A40 Polish Experiment
A41 Make Noise Not War
A42 Wet Mummy's Cunt
A43 Good Bye All Freaks

QUALITY: wma@128 CBR

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