wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

Insomnia - The End of the Beginning (demo 1994)

Death/Doom Metal z Warszawy

Więcej informacji o demie :
http://www.mediafire.com/?yiuse6id7ep6oed - 15.26 MB

Taken from :
"Continuing our trend of bizarre Death Metal, today's feature is Poland's Insomnia! I've found that Poland makes some of the best Doom/Death Metal and this is no exception. As an added bonus, let's throw in some keyboards and inventive guitar solos, as well as some fancy bass-work, and you've got yourself awesomeness in music form.

The first song starts off as purely Death Metal, pretty raw and speedy, not to experimental, but as the demo progresses and ends with the fourth track, you're starting to wonder where the hell these guys get off playing such an obscure brand of music. Good thing they took the plunge, and a shame they only recorded a couple more demos. Half of the bands that only make it to the demo stage are better than all those big name bigshot asshole bands out there. Goddamn."

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