wtorek, 9 marca 2010

Behemoth - 24.09.1993 Unreleased Session

Black Metal z Gdańska

Wrzucone przez Yappy :
"The tracks were recorded in studio in 24.09.93 and unavailable on any official publicity. First is "Thy Winter Kingdom", next "The Dance of the Pagan Flames" but with solo! Generally the track is slightly changed (mainly in one part). "Moonspell Rites"... the first part of this track is totaly fucking great!!! Eerie, cabalistic climat! "Black Visions of the Almighty" had also been changed through adding some dark melody at the end of the track.. "Pure Evil and Hate" played as usual - satanisticly fast, mad and mercyless. At the very end there's something for which I'd waited most: ballad "The Oak Between the Snows". Short, instrumental track, surely most serene Behemoth song... I would even say nostalgic, but it's only my opinion. It's a pity that quality of these six session tracks is feeble, but it's still nice to listen to them."

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